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Last Image; Photo Credit: Jennifer Veitch Photography

Last Image; Photo Credit: Jennifer Veitch Photography

Celeste Glasser-Cook

Hello. My name is Celeste Glasser-Cook, owner of Simply Loved Photography based out of sunny Saskatoon, SK. I'm the Mom, wife & CEO of a big, beautiful blended family of 12 and counting! Plus our lovable family mutt, Jessabelle. 

I've always been a shutterbug, fascinated with capturing images that start as a creative thought, which then blossom into memorable snapshots of moments captured in time. Be it a special occasion or just because, I believe that photographs are one of the most important things we leave behind for future generations. A simple moment in time captured today might mean the world to a family member tomorrow. There's never a bad time to take that picture.

Five fun facts about me!

1. I am a thrift shopping super star. For real.  I can find treasure amongst the trash like no one's business! You want it, I'll find it. You don't want it? I probably do. 

2. I have a fondness for everything antique. If it's chippy, rusty or weathered, it's right up my alley. Retro, vintage, classic, nostalgic, yesteryear, it what you will, I dig it all. 

3. If I'm not busy behind the camera or working in my yard, you can find me at the soccer pitch cheering on my kids. Our lives have revolved around soccer for the past 20 years, it's almost like a religion for us and I'm thankful to be able to partake in watching my children play a game that they are so passionate about. 

4. My true inner-self is very likely an 87 year old lady who could easily just tend my yard and garden ALL DAY LONG. (while taking a million pictures of it, of course)

5. My husband is my biggest fan and strongest supporter. He's the pat on the back, the high five, and the push in the right direction that this sometimes self doubting photographer needs standing beside her. We surprised our friends & family and "eloped at home"  in our living room on February 14th 2014, ten years to the day of our very first date. He is the perfect man for me, but honestly, he's one of the worst photographers I've ever met! 

Also, I've never met a sour cream glazed doughnut or a London Fog that I didn't absolutely love. Let’s meet up and discuss your next photo session!


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