Distance means nothing when someone means so much.

This wonderful, curly haired girl is one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world. By birth, her name is Lesley Ann Wilson, then along came her husband Curtis, so she became Lesley Banda. But really, she'd answer to Celesley Filsonanda if you called her that and she probably wouldn't mind it one little bit. Lesley and her family live in Moose Jaw, which isn't too far away, but it truly isn't close enough, either. Not close enough for my liking, anyways. Despite the distance, and thanks to technology, we are able to connect on a pretty much daily basis. Usually multiple times a day. And night (ok, especially at night, when we really should be sleeping!) We've been through a lot together, including recently becoming Grandmas, so a good chunk of our communication is now spent ohhhhing and awwwwing over each other's grandbabies. 

This is Lesley & Curtis' oldest son Brett, his girlfriend, Callie and Lesley & Curtis' first grandchild, the ever lovable, always silly, 100% adorable, Jace. Their little family is growing!

And this is their youngest son, Evan and his girlfriend, Dailyn and their comical banter just cracks me up. I wish I had been half as smart and witty at their age. 

And this is the immediate Wilson family. Then the years went by and Darcey became a Fischer and Lesley became a Banda, hence, the moniker, "Filsonanda" was born. They have a family cabin at Christoper Lake with a sign that says it's a thing, so it's totally legit. And yes, they LOVE to group hug. Like, every chance they get. Well, ok, maybe not. But they did it at my request, it turned out pretty cute and that's all that matters. 


This is her brother Tracy's beautiful family.

And this is her sister Darcey's gorgeous group.

This stunning Mommy of four is Chantel. She's actually the one who got the whole ball rolling on having this family session, which was followed by a family bbq and pool party. What a perfect way to spend a hot summer day. (and it was hot. So hot. But we got through it!)

They lost Great Grandma this past year and it's left a huge void in all of their hearts. What Chantel wanted, more then anything, were pictures to document their family and the love they share. I can not express enough how sweet, caring and mature beyond her years Chantel is. These four little ones are truly blessed to have her as their Mommy.

And that fantastic quilt you see? It was made years ago; especially for Lesley, with love, by her dear Grandmother. It's one her most cherished possessions and I'm thrilled that we got to use it. It just added that special touch and made the images even more meaningful. Please excuse me now while I go grab a tissue. 

Until next time, my sweet Bandaloos. 

{Go where you feel most alive}

I'm finally finishing up Jasmine's graduation session today!

There were just SO MANY amazing images to choose from. Seriously, I could have edited the entire collection. She looks like a beautiful woodland fairy who is at one with Mother Earth, and I think she just might be, for real! Jasmine requested that we shoot her grad session at Gabriel Dumont Park, her favourite place in Saskatoon to run, a place where she feels most like herself. This park is special to her and it shows. 

I wish you the best of luck with furthering your academics and track & field career, Jasmine, but I don't think you need luck with brains and beauty on your side. Go get 'em, girl!


"And though she be but little, she is fierce!"

How did ten years zoom by so quickly little ladybug-amazing artist-princess warrior-watermelon girl?!!!

Our baby girl is double digits today, no more "littles" in our house anymore. Sigh. 

Happy Birthday, Talia Jolie! We all love you to the moon & back. Wishing you a wonderful day.

Just follow your arrow, wherever it points.

I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with Jess and the Schneider family for a Graduation/Family Session last Monday night. 

Jess, you are creative and kind, sensitive and optimistic. You have a fantastically warm and bubbly personality and you are wise beyond your years. The world could use more positive people like you in it!

Thank you for sharing your art with me on a night that I shared mine with you. 

Congratulations, Kiddo! Let the adventure begin...

Cheers to thirty years, Sherlin & Tim...and here's to thirty more!

Today, these two love birds celebrated thirty years of wedded bliss and bluster, ups and downs, ins and outs and everything in between. They've stuck it out for the long haul and honest to goodness, they are more in love today then they've ever been. And that, my friends, is something to be commended and celebrated.

Congrats, Sherlin & Tim. You two are a real inspiration. And I know.. "you wouldn't trade a single day for a hundred years the other way". 




Love, light & laughter...words that describe Miss Jordyn perfectly!

I got to spend some time with this beautiful young lady, two of her besties, and her family last night. Nothing but positive energy, jokes and laughter with this crew. It's always a joy for me to capture images of them and they make it sooooo darn easy!

Congrats to you, Miss Jordyn!

High school has NO idea how much greatness is about to hit it, girlfriend! 

May Motivation!


Big news here at Simply Loved! I now have studio space!!! And really cool studio space, at that!

I will be co-sharing a studio on 2nd Avenue N with Maki Fotos, Danielle Stasiuk Photography/Pink Sugar Boudoir and Relish Photography. Three kick-ass studio mates who are all amazingly creative, positive, friendly and most importantly, appreciate the healing properties of a good bottle of wine and are willing to share their delicious luncheon desserts?! Total score! 

The studio itself is all...white plaster walls, bright natural light, high ceiling, original wood floor, ooey-gooey goodness. I have no doubt that we're going to capture some amazing images in this space, my friends! I still plan on shooting outdoor location sessions, but this will give us some variety, plus a back-up plan for those days that Mother Nature just isn't as agreeable as we'd like her to be. Oh, and have I mentioned the outdoor rooftop access? No??? Well, let me tell you, it is deadly! Not as in fall off the roof deadly, but killer downtown Saskatoon, urban images deadly! If you're into that type of look, you're going to LOVE it. *perhaps I should stay away from using words pertaining to death when describing the building rooftop?! Duly noted  ; )   

Located at #1-126 2nd Avenue N (above The Vinyl Exchange), I look forward to booking your future sessions, giving you a tour and creating gorgeous images for you and your family to cherish for years & years to come.